Some concrete challenges

Entering a new market…

The challenge: Enter a new market with an innovative therapy. How to prepare the launch, identify the stakeholders, the obstacles, and build a plan with high scientific added value?

Strategy and operations:

  • Mapping of the relevant stakeholders
  • Development of a medical strategy with opinion leaders
  • Creation of scientific events
  • Implementation of collaborative services optimising patient management
  • Communication and publication of data generated by the action plan

Establish a therapeutic innovation…

The challenge: Access to the market for a new class of medicine and implantation in the speciality

Strategy and operations:

  • State of practice and analysis of patient-care standards
  • Integration of the new molecule in the therapeutic strategy
  • Regional forums
  • Promotion of medical data to access the market

Develop a market…

The challenge: Develop a market for the multidisciplinary care of a pathology

Strategy and operations:

  • Mapping of influencers
  • Implementation of a multidisciplinary care strategy
  • Design and roll-out of educational programmes
  • Audit and advice for the implementation of hospital projects

Create a favourable environment around a pathology to facilitate market access…

The Challenge: Promote, via institutions, patient challenges and needs about a pathology

Strategy and operations:

  • Development of an information strategy with healthcare professionals and patient associations
  • Organisation of speaking events
  • Our techniques, publications, indicators, etc.
  • Partnership with a think-tank