Medical strategy and
project management

KPL has a profound conviction: it is ideas which determine the tools and never the opposite. Our culture of comprehensive customer care translates into continuous support in two phases: firstly, the assimilation of objectives and the development of the strategy, and then management of operations and their specific tools.

Medical strategy

KPL provides analysis of customer and environment data (surveys, think-tanks, medical standards and practices, mapping of stakeholders, etc.) in order to develop operational strategies for market access, development and sustainability.

Project management

KPL develops and pilots the projects and the tools of deployment for the proposed strategies: medical education plan, scientific communications, patient programmes, optimisation of care, institutional communications, etc.

Market access and public affairs

KPL harmonises medical value creation with market access and market preservation strategies. This is achieved through close customer support to gain market access and by the identification and the implementation of a communication strategy adapted to stakeholders (institutions, members of parliament, patient representatives, etc.).